Stop wasting time! Let Boox.dev manage your bookings in 5 minutes

You want to grow your business, but there’s a problem: you don’t know how much money you’re going to earn next month. You could try to predict how many clients you’ll have, but that would be difficult and expensive. Instead, why not let Boox.dev manage your bookings? We do it for hundreds of companies every day – we’ve perfected the art of managing bookings!

Simple user interface for scheduling, booking and managing events.

You’ll love Boox’s easy-to-use interface. Manage your bookings in just a few clicks! You don’t need to be a developer or read the documentation to get started, just register on our website and start scheduling. We’ve created an intuitive user interface that allows you to manage events seamlessly…and we’re always working on new features and updates!

Get premium features like automatic zoom links, automatic Google calendar integration, SMS notifications and reminders, search through your booking history – so simple! Get messages from customers and manage your inventory of books right away..

Set up automated reminders.

When you create a booking in Boox.dev, you can decide whether or not to send out an automated reminder of the booking to your customer. If you choose to add this feature, Boox.dev will automatically send reminders if the customer has not yet confirmed their booking. You can also set up specific rules for what happens when a reminder is sent out:

  • Automated reminders will be sent out by SMS and email either immediately after creating a new booking or at a set time (which can be different for each individual).
  • If the customer hasn’t confirmed their booking within 24 hours of receiving an automated reminder, then another one will be sent out automatically; this cycle continues until confirmation is received or until five days have passed since sending out the first reminder message.*

Get messages from customers and manage appointments.

  • Get messages from customers and manage your inventory of books.
  • Search through all your bookings history, whether you have booked one or 1,000 appointments.

Create email templates for booking confirmations and invoices.

You can create email templates for booking confirmations and invoices that include the name of your company, as well as links to your website. The template editor is very easy to use:

  • Click on the “Edit” button in the top right corner of your Boox.dev account.
  • Use our default templates or create your own by choosing a template, adding text and images, changing colors, etc.
  • Save time when sending emails by using one of our pre-made email templates.

Create email templates for booking confirmations so customers can book their next appointment right away!

Organize all your bookings in one place.

Stop wasting time on organizing your bookings. With Boox.dev you can manage all your bookings in one place, and that’s it!

A great tool for bookers to create an admin system too

If you’re a booker, you can create your own admin system with Boox.dev in mere minutes.

The interface is easy to use so no need for developers or documentation reading. It’s intuitive and has automatic zoom links, calendar updates, SMS notifications and reminders—there’s even an option for premium features like automated booking forms and automatic Google calendar imports!


Boox.dev is an all-inclusive booking management system that will help you take control of your bookings and make them more efficient. You can manage your inventory, customer information and invoices in one place and set up automated reminders for upcoming events so no one misses anything important. The interface is very simple and intuitive so there won’t be any guesswork involved when using this app – everything is at your fingertips!


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