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The scheduling software that works for teams.

We want to set you up for success.

We want to set you up for success. If your team is looking for a way to easily manage appointments and timesheets, Boox.dev is the answer. We make it easy for you to get started with Boox.dev by providing all the features you need in one place!

Built with teams in mind.

Boox.dev is the perfect solution for teams. It’s easy to use and even more powerful than you can imagine.

With Boox.dev, your team will be able to book appointments in a single click, generate invoices automatically and keep detailed reports of activity at every moment of each day.

Boox will help you build your business by making it easier for customers to book appointments, increasing revenue and reducing expenses with automation tasks like generating invoices after each booking (even with credit card payments).

Share your resources, appointment reminders, reporting is very detailed, automatic invoicing for every booking.

  • Share resources: You can share your appointment reminders, reporting is very detailed, automatic invoicing for every booking. You can also customize the behavior of the app in a few clicks to make it work best for you and your team.
  • Appointment reminders: Easily set up automatic reminders that will be sent out before an appointment by email or SMS text message.
  • Reporting is very detailed: Track billing hours and expenses as well as other information such as number of appointments made per week/month/year.

This is the best scheduling software for teams in the market; it is designed for maximum productivity and minimal onboarding time.

Boox.dev is the best scheduling software for teams in the market. Boox is an all-in-one booking system that lets you create appointments and manage them from start to finish. Boox is ideal for teams, creative agencies, barber shops, real estate teams, health care professionals and much more!

Boox makes it easy to manage your schedule and keep track of what’s happening at any given time. The team at Boox have spent years creating a booking system that was designed with maximum productivity in mind so you can focus on what matters most – serving customers or making money instead of being distracted by tedious tasks like entering data into spreadsheets or even worse trying to remember who needs what done when (or even worse still having no idea).

Because Boox.dev has been used by businesses around the world since 2010 we’ve had plenty of time to fine tune our systems so they’re easy enough for anyone who wants an appointment management solution but tough enough not only last but also grow with your business over time as well!


We love what we do and it shows. We’ve built a scheduling software that is optimized for teams, with great customer support, and an intuitive interface. We want you to get started without any headaches and keep your clients happy for years to come!


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